Wednesday 26 December 2018

AFOL PSA - Powered Up! Bluetooth Battery Hub

Australian pricing has been released for LEGO part 88009 Powered Up Bluetooth Battery Hub which is used to power and control various elements of the new Powered Up system that replaces Power Functions.

This is going to cost you $79.99 AUD from LEGO Shop @ Home...

Stock up on these from BrickLink while you can :)

Monday 24 December 2018

Benny's 2018 LEGO Christmas Layout

Originally I wanted to have all my Christmas themed LEGO sets under and around our Christmas tree. I especially liked the idea of the train circling the base of the tree. But with babies and kids around I decided to move everything and make a small and simple LEGO Creator Winter Village layout, separate to the tree, combining the 4 most recent Christmas seasonal sets and some advent calendar goodies.

  • 10249 Winter Toy Shop
  • 10254 Winter Holiday Train
  • 10259 Winter Village Station
  • 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

Before I moved everything from the tree I had made up a quick cargo wagon to hide the Powered Up battery hub and train motor for the Winter Holiday Train because I never liked how the official instructions intend us to butcher the look of the train and tender to make the  Power Functions fit. I tried to make it look like a wrapped present covered in holly. The bonus is I can also just run it around my City layout.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

I'm looking forward to expanding on these ideas for 2019!

Sunday 23 December 2018

Benny's LEGO City Update #3 - Modular Buildings Area

I really love the official Creator Expert designed Modular Building line. I always had a space reserved for the current and some future sets in my City layout. Most of these buildings lend themselves well to replication or expansion. So I will be either making them taller by adding floors or making them wider, or BOTH! In this first batch which makes up one block in the City, I have included the following sets, all modified to some degree:

I'm going to be making individual videos for each of the customized buildings, giving my quick thoughts and detailing any expansions, additions or changes I've made as well as going through any interesting design or build techniques I found.