Thursday 21 February 2019

Custom LEGO Modular Town Hall 10224

The first modular building I ever got around to building and then soon after expanding by one extra floor is set 10224 Town Hall. A fantastic looking set and a staple for any official modular city block.

Some of the additions I have made are tiling the ground floor auditorium in a black and white striped pattern, continuing the color theme from the main entrance. This includes the use of the newish 2x2 half tiles, also known as triangles. The first time I've ever used them in a set or custom build and they allowed me to not have to go through the trouble of raising the entire build to fit tiles underneath.

For the extra floor I dedicated this to council workers offices. I don't think the mayor can run the city alone and he definitely needed workers to audit forms and prepare permits that would otherwise slow down the progress of building the entire city. Giving them a place to eat and take a break was a good use of the spare space off to the side.

Only a single additional floor added to this modular.

Black and white tiled auditorium floor.
My first use of 2x2 half tiles (triangles).

Inside the new 2nd Floor you'll find
council worker offices and their lunch/break room.

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