Tuesday 31 October 2017

Welcome to Benny's

G'day guys and welcome to Benny's Bricks Bricks BRICKS! My new blog!

My name is Benny. That's right Benny. Yes BENNY!

Here's hoping everyone gets the reference to Benny's Spaceship from the LEGO Movie.

But yes my name really is Ben.

This will be the space where I share the more in depth, technical (and sometimes boring) information about my LEGO obsession.

Some of the upcoming blogs and videos I plan to release soon:
  • Setting up my LEGO room including a custom fabricated table, shelving, lighting and audio visual entertainment system.
  • Full LEGO room tours including my City room, my building space and my secondary LEGO room.
  • LEGO City plans, custom build ideas and regular updates.
  • Custom models, mainly Star Wars space ships and vehicles.
  • Star Wars set reviews and comparisons.
  • Other models and sets reviews.

Future YouTube video content can be found at: youtube.bennysbricks.com

Thanks for visiting.

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