Saturday 30 June 2018

Custom LEGO - 1:4 scale Bricks and Plates

I'd like to share with you one of my custom builds that really fueled my creativity about 6 years ago. A bunch of 4:1 scale LEGO bricks and plates. Made from the original smaller versions of themselves.

The funny story behind this build is that the idea came to me while I was asleep. Whaaat?! Yeh I literally dreamed up the idea and, like some sort of Inception moment when I woke up I was just compelled to see it built. 

I shall call it... biggie me.

These parts are 4x larger than their standard equivalent.

Hank Pym worked as a consultant on this project...

The anti-stud side of the bricks and plates. Tubes Up!

The parts were all pretty easy to source except for the 2x2 round tile in blue. I initially wanted to make the 2x4bBrick in blue, my favorite color, but I didn't know at the time the blue round tile was extremely rare. They were only found in some sets from the mid 90's, but have since shown up in abundance because of the 2017 40174 Iconic Chess Set. Back then I could only find about 3-4 TOTAL on BrickLink!

Pretty straight forward build, since my brain already did all the work while asleep.

I do have some ideas for more parts in the future including modified bricks and tiles. Don't forget to check out the video for a better look. Thanks guys, Cya next time.

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