Tuesday 22 January 2019

Brickvention Australia 2019 LEGO Exhibition

Brickvention is Australia’s biggest and, in my opinion at least, best LEGO convention. This year I recorded a heap of footage and pics to share with everyone who couldn’t make it. But nothing beats seeing these builds in real life, so if you live here I HIGHLY recommend going for yourself. The video linked above has over 20 minutes of footage containing some absolutely awesome builds by people of all ages.

My favorite piece from the entire day.
If this was for sale, I would be broke...

And I thought lining up a dozen 1x1s in the Architecture sets was a pain!

An example of a train looking like it is moving even when it's not.

One of the selling points this year was the world's biggest Minifigure swap, A wall with THOUSANDS of various Minifgures attached. The idea is you bring in your own Minifig that you no longer want and swap it for one on the wall to take home. Towards the end of the day the wall was made up of mostly Green Ninja Lloyd's!

The Great Wall of Minifigures!

The kids I went with swapped in a Batman and Emmett, much to my surprise, the attendant told us no one had brought either of them yet so they probably got swapped back out pretty quick!

There was a channel 9 news reporter there who I overheard saying to the camera "you may even find one that looks like you". Funnily enough I had brought my own Benny SigFig to add to the wall so that was very true. I ended up walking away with a generic Grey Ninja.

Brickvention 2019 was my favorite exhibition,
more than any other pop culture convention.

I am already super excited for next years Brickvention and I have plans to exhibit some of my own builds, probably something train related.

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