Monday 21 January 2019

Custom LEGO Motorized Hogwarts Express Train 75955

Based on the 2018 re-re-re released Harry Potter set 75955 Hogwarts Express. It's a pretty nice looking set to begin with, that most people will be very happy to own as is, other than it does not come ready to be motorized right out of the box. For mine I used the new Powered Up (Power Functions 2.0) and put all the electronics in the slightly bigger tender instead of messing around with the locomotive too much.

I wanted to bring the locomotive's details closer in line with that of the Emerald Night. Other than a few minor part and color changes, I would say the main thing that I'm happy with is in the design of the side coupling and piston rods. I took a different approach than most that I haven't seen before. It's simple but I think they turned out pretty good, especially when the train is moving.

Check out the video for my thoughts and some clips of the Hogwarts Express running around my City Layout.

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